Upcoming Works

I've done a little shuffling on what will be released next.  I have decided to release my poetry collection, A Chasm Flight, before I get Tasteful Changes to you in early 2018.  'Til then the writing continues!  Keep fighting the good fight.

A Chasm Flight

My third collection of poetry will be a reflective look back on the last four of years of my life, untarnished and true.  123 poems mixed with soaring visions and dreams for the future.  Originally slated to be released as two separate poetry collections (Chasm & Flight). Final changes are being made.  Planned release: Soon!

Tasteful Changes

Two novellas.  A bonus short story.  One book.  Lots of delicious, tasty fun.

North of Lethbridge pitches reclusive Hailey Winters and her camping buddies into vacation nightmare.  As the summer moon grows thin around the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, so too does Hailey's reluctance to slay demons within the soul of her past and to discover her destiny within a powerful, centuries-old society.

In Xombie, Larry and Melissa Vargas find themselves at the mercy of a pirate's gag--a cruel joke employed hundreds of years earlier--to the devastation of their home in the Florida Keys, the mainland and beyond.

Hallow Eve brings a night of pleasure and excitement as well as other feelings and emotions for Austin Chapel.  But he's got his goddess, Niah Eldridge, on his arm and their first date is to be the All Hallows' Eve Celebration at Heather Lancaster's farm.

Tasteful Changes.  Two novellas and a bonus short story in one book.  Planned release: March/April 2018

The Affair at Misty Creek

My second novel will be another mystery thriller, this time centered at a Political rally in Colorado set over the course of a long weekend.  It is also the reunion of two long-lost friends who despite their differences are drawn together no more than they've ever been.  Planned release: early 2019