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Shady Trails in a Light Fog

Twenty short stories of suspense, intrigue, and unpredictability set in modern times.  Available in print and e-book format

Sweetwater Dreams

A mystery thriller about an Environmental Manager struggling at home and at his job, as something else is creeping up to struggle with him.

Brian Stillwell has been in a daze at Pleasure Craft Xclusive.  His marriage is deteriorating and he doesn't even feel like he knows his own children anymore, but he feels an even darker presence looming on the horizon.  Available in e-book format.


This second collection of poetry swirls around my time at the Naval Academy, years spent working in Chicago, life after the city and other odds and table ends.  Originally published in 2015, it is a quiet place of relief and pleasant contrast.  Available in e-book format.


My first collection of poetry, published in 2013, began a decade earlier.  After Hurricane Isabel flooded my apartment I wrote a poem about the incident and never would have imagined it would have been independently published ten years later.  Fire-breathing rhymes about my life growing up, the future, and other combustible extremities in between.  Available in e-book format.