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A Chasm Flight

Colin Knapp's first print publication of his poetry.  123 poems, spanning the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and beyond, we find poems hurtling toward the bottom of the canyon, soaring along the ravine, gathering speed and meaning, and finally soaring high under the power of one's own wings off to a brave new paradise.  Originally slated to be released as two separate poetry books (Chasm and Flight).  Available in print and e-book format.

Shady Trails in a Light Fog

Twenty short stories of suspense, intrigue, and unpredictability.  Dastardly deeds, heroic searches for love, and most everything life offers in between.  The path is uncertain.  Head toward the light.  Set in modern times.  Available in print and e-book format.

Sweetwater Dreams

A mystery thriller about an Environmental Manager struggling at his home and at his job, and a presence creeping up from below, making itself known to the detriment of life.

Brian Stillwell has been in a daze.  His job at PCX, Pleasure Craft Xclusive, gathers less and less meaning every day.  His marriage is deteriorating.  Hell, he doesn't even know his own children anymore.  He begins to wonder if he's ever known his wife, Alyssa, or his life at all.  But still, a darker presence looms on the horizon.  Something sinister, something evil, a silent scream at odds with nature and with humanity.  Available in e-book format only at this time.


These poems swirl around my time at the Naval Academy, my years spent working in the cities of Los Angeles and Chicago before, during, and after the recession, as well as a return to the rural and the pastoral.  My second collection of poetry is a return to the country after city life, with the usual odds, ends, and nightstands thrown in for good measure.  Published in 2015, it is a place of quiet relief, conversation, and pleasant contrast.  Available in e-book format only at this time.


My first collection of poetry, published in 2013, originated a decade earlier.  After Hurricane Isabel flooded my apartment in Norfolk, Virginia, I wrote a poem about the incident and never would have imagined it would have been seen by other eyes ten years later.  Fire-breathing rhymes about my life growing up, the future, and other combustible extremities amidst circumstance, toil, love, and coincidence.   Available in e-book format.