​​I was born November 30, 1976 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I grew up in Edwardsburg, a small town in SW Michigan, across from Garver Lake.  If self-psychology serves me, I suppose I was an introverted jock (football, wrestling, basketball, track, baseball) but I got along with many different people from many different backgrounds.

After graduating high school, I spent a memorable year at NAPS, the Naval Academy's Preparatory School, in Newport, RI.  Then it was Four Years by the Bay at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis.  I began my major in Ocean Engineering, turned briefly to Oceanography and eventually ended up in English.  I loved to read.  I loved to write.  And it was probably the only major in which I would have been able to graduate.

As service selection time came around, a romantic part in me yearned for the sea, and Surface Warfare seemed the way to go.  I served one tour aboard the USS Doyle (FFG 39) in Mayport, FL, and another tour aboard the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) in Norfolk, VA.

I completed five years of honorable Naval Service and resigned my commission as a Lieutenant in 2005.  After a motorcycle tour of the United States that summer, I got busy writing.  It was something I had always wanted to do, and it was something in the last few years I realized I needed to do.

Before I committed myself entirely to prose and poetry however, I had one more demon to still.  Film (movies as well as talkies) had often inspired and delighted me.  I needed to give it a try.  I spent a year writing and taking acting lessons in Chicago in 2006.  The next year I met a couple of friends in Burbank, CA.  We did some good work around Tinsel Town that year.  I acted, worked on several films and TV shows in different capacities as well as finishing a few unproduced film scripts.  But I soon realized the Film Biz wasn't my bag, baby.

After returning to Chicago during the Great Recession, and then finally to Edwardsburg a few years later, I found myself married with two children.  Writing had never left me--in fact, had held me together at times--but I had new responsibilities.  My family and I ran a small farm for a few years, and although it was very stressful at times, it was also one of the most joyful and productive periods of my life.  It may sound cliche', but kids sometimes do change your life for the better.

What else?  I'm a Sagittarian with Leo Ascending and an Aries Moon.  My Mercury is in Sagittarius, My Mars is in Sagittarius.  Fire, fire, fire.  Whatever that means.

So here I sit at forty-one, ready to let it all hang out.  Figuratively speaking, of course.